I’m often asked about the what makes wines so different and the answer isn’t a simple one, rather a blend of grape variety, climate to production methods and aging. That said, the most overwhelming factor for me, are the wonderful people who produce the wines. So I thought it would be great to focus on a vineyard so you get to know them a little better.

Meet Christine from Clos Bagatelle!

“In Clos Bagatelle, we don’t claim a style specific to a house wine, each wine is unique.” Christine speaks of her wines in the same way as she speaks of her children.


Johannah Ashton-Sykes with Christine Deleuze

Meeting vineyard owner, Christine Deleuze


  1. Where – Clos Bagatelle can be found on the northern outskirts of the village of Saint-Chinian, where the countryside is picturesque with rolling hills and fabulous vistas.  Saint-Chinian is to the north of Béziers, Languedoc and boasts AOC status.
  2. History – Clos Bagatelle has been producing wine for over 400 years and at its centre a history of women with character. Even the coat of arms displays the Lady’s shield. In 1963 the vineyard was bought by the current family, being passed down from Mother to Daughter and is now run by Christine Deleuze and brother Luc Simon – “A wealth of experience, spanning 40 years of production and no wrinkles!”
  3. Success – Much of the vineyard’s success is owed to mother Marie Francoise, father Henri and their hard work establishing additional small parcels of land and installing new equipment.
  4. Organic – Christine follows vine management practices towards organic and bio-dynamic status.
  5. Nothing run of the mill – All wines are hand-picked and each juice is assessed to create the best wines possible!
  6. Terroir – Clos Bagatelle covers over 60 hectares of land, with 4 beautiful regions/terroirs of unique character; Calcareous (nestled in a valley, this holds the original vines of the estate), Schist (Garrigue and intense), Sandstone (Minerality and delicacy) and Muscat de Saint Jean de Minervois
  7. Diversity – The Languedoc was historically known for a dominance of red wines, from Grenache, Syrah and Mouvredre. With the advent of refrigeration the region saw an emergence of other wines. Clos Bagatelle is no exception to this, producing some amazing whites, rose and Vin doux naturel (Sweet).
  8. Passion – Christine has a great talent for creating new exciting wines by blending up to 7 grape varieties, as seen in a relatively new wine “Clos de ma mere” a subtle blend of Roussane, Carignan Blanc,  Grenache blanc,  Viognier, Vermentino, Chenin, Petit Manseng.
  9. New ideas – Many of the wines are named after family members or parcels of land that represent an individual’s character or connection to the land “Je me souviens a notre mere” – My memories of our Mother or “La Terre de mon perre” – the Land of my fatherNewest vintage “The Divine” – a soft muscat which reconciles sweetness and freshness.“More than a family heritage, Clos Bagatelle distinguishes itself by its supplement of soul”

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Clos Bagatelle wines

Selection of red wines from Clos Bagatelle, St Chinian

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